Glass handling machine

In our daily work of the glass processing plant, it is inevitable that the glass handling. Manual handling produces a variety of unsafe factors, such as may accidentally hurt the hands of workers, and may not grasp firmly in the process of handling, accidentally damaged glass, so that caused a lot of cost losses.

So, there was later mechanical handling. In our Care machinery company, there are three types of handling, one is Gantry frame handling system, one is the column cantilever handling system, and the most simple one is manual handling tools.

To the lifter machine on the other side of the ocean

This is a gantry frame type suction machine system, compared to the traditional column cantilever suction machine more high-grade, higher security, save space, and more convenient operation.This gantry frame type suction crane system, can be arbitrarily combined, according to the site area, bearing demand to carry out a variety of combinations, to take the form of custom, the range of choice is larger. The traditional cantilever column suction crane system is shown below.

There is only one supporting point, relative to the bearing range has certain limitations of the handling range is also smaller.

The most important processing equipment in PVC doors and Windows

The main principle is to point to: PVC welding when ultrasonic wave ACTS on the thermoplastic plastic contact, will produce tens of thousands of times per second, the high frequency vibration, this reaches a certain high frequency vibration amplitude, through the weld ment sends the ultrasonic energy to the welding area, due to the welding area namely the two welding interface acoustic resistance is big, so can produce local high temperature.

And because of the poor thermal conductivity of plastic, can not be timely distributed, gathered in the welding area, resulting in two plastic contact surface melting quickly, plus a certain pressure, make it fusion as a whole.

The window is bright and clean to see a more beautiful The window is bright and clean to see a more beautiful world

Glass washing machine is a special equipment for cleaning and drying glass surface in the process of mirror making, vacuum coating, toughening, hot bending, insulating glass and other deep processing processes. Glass washing machine is mainly composed of transmission system, brush, clean water, pure water, cold, hot air dry, electric control system and so on.

According to the needs of users, the medium and large glass washer is also equipped with manual (pneumatic) glass turnover car and light source inspection system.

Aluminum window processing equipment –corner crimping machine

This machine is composed of body, working table, positioning oil cylinder, auxiliary positioning device, punching and riveting device, Angle setting oil cylinder, Angle setting slide plate, electric control panel, foot switch and other main parts.

Pneumatic system by electromagnetic valve, pressure gauge, Oil mist, water separator and other components. Hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pump, solenoid valve, high pressure hose, hydraulic relay and so on.

A“hole”in a door or window frame

Maintenance, safety protection and precautions:
1. After each shift, clean the machine, remove chips, oil the guide rail surface and keep the work table dry.
2. When the milling cutter rotates clockwise, milling is carried out to ensure sufficient cooling and lubrication of the milling cutter.
3, the installation, replacement tool must be cut off the power supply.
4, smooth advance during milling, do not suddenly accelerate, in order to avoid the workpiece flying injury.
5. Wear the necessary labor protection equipment.