Aluminum doors and Windows in one of the indispensable cutting equipment—corner cutting saw

The use and maintenance of the triplet shall be installed vertically with the bottom surface, and make the drainage valve downward.

The direction of flow must be from inlet P to outlet A, not inverted. When a manual drainage triplet is provided, the water must be drained frequently. The way to drain water is: press a drain valve F below the water cup to drain the water and liquid in the cup. If the drain valve is opened but does not drain, dirt blocks the drain channel.

Double head cutting saw knowledge sharing session

Double head saw is a kind of profile cutting tool used in the production of doors and Windows, mainly used for aluminum and PVC & UPVC profile 45° Angle, 90° Angle cutting, cutting size precision, simple operation, reliable performance, advanced technology.

The cutting tool uses the carbide circular saw, the cutting speed is fast, the production efficiency is high, is the processing manufacture aluminum and the PVC door and window indispensable one kind of equipment.

Hollow Glass

After saying what it means and what it is made of, we have to say the machine that makes it. First of all, we need a glass lifter machine to help us put the glass in the right position.

The use of the glass lifter can control the danger caused by accidents during the transportation of the glass. Secondly, we need a glass cutting machine to cut it to the size we want, and after we cut it we need a glass washing maching to clean it to remove the dust from the glass, etc.

Pvc processing equipment exported to India

Shandong Care machinery Techonogy Co,Ltd.is a professional door and window processing equipment company, here you can find a complete set of doors and Windows processing equipment, more than PVC doors and Windows processing equipment, but also including aluminum doors and Windows processing equipment, of course, also including Windows and doors needed by the glass processing equipment.

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Machines of Care Machinery All Over The World

Today, Shandong Care Machinery Techonogly CO,.Ltd. shipped a batch of machinery to Thailand, with a full cabinet of equipment, including CNC Double head cutting machine,Double axis copy routing machine,CNC milling and drlling machine,punching machines,corner crimping machine,ect.

This batch of equipment took two months from the customer's first visit to the factory to today's delivery, during which the customer added two more equipment when he came to the factory to test the machine.

Aluminum doors and windows making machines

Double head precision aluminum windows cutting saw is used for cutting of PVC/UPVC and aluminum profile.

The cutting saw could cut 45°and 90°edge, and common type and digital display type available. And different cutting scales could be customized as per requirements. So there are many kinds of double-headed saw. Saw blade size, cutting range, whether numerical control, these are classification standards. Such as cnc aluminum double head mitre saw machine.