Care Machinery satisfies all your demands

Last week, our company exported a specially customized glass cleaner to Central Asia.

This time, the customers want the cleaning machine, which is different from the general cleaning machine. The common cleaning machine uses water, while the customers require powder. In order to better solve this problem, factory staff continue to study it day by nigh. And in order to finish before the delivery date, everyone worked very hard.

Through the joint efforts of all the personnel in the factory, we have finally developed the cleaning machine that customers want. After continuous experimental improvement, we finally achieve perfect customer requirements.

Another satisfactory answer

Recently, our company signed an order with our customers in Polo, USA.

This order is of great variety and quantity. And delivery before delivery date.This shipment let the customers feel the strength of our factory, trust our company more with you, and create a good start for future cooperation.

The order includes a four-grinder bilateral glass edge grinder, two single-sided bevel edge grinders, and 120 grinding wheels.A horizontal glass cleaner and a glass breaker with reversal.Customized voltage for customers, so that customers can use it well.

Thai friends are welcome to visit our factory

First of all, We showed them the use process of CNC Double-head Cutting saw. Customers are very satisfied with this product. They are eager to try the product. They have personally operated it. They have personally experienced that the CNC cutting saw is easy to operate and the cutting process is safe and reliable.

Subsequently, I showed him other required products, such as the demonstration of mid-end milling products and the cutting process of corner saw. Thai friends are very satisfied with our products. In addition, they also introduced some other products, such as small end milling, copying milling and so on.

Friendly exchanges from Saudi Arabia

Recently, three friends from Saudi Arabia arrived smoothly.In order to better understand the strength of our company, our company's head took customers to the factory early on for field visits.

Saudi customers came here mainly for the field investigation of PVC cutting saw and copying milling as well as the cooperation and negotiation between the two sides.

A Friendly Meeting between China and Australia

During this visit, our company and Australia customers reached a cooperative relationship, after which the company quickly arranged for shipment.

The visit deepened the understanding of our company's strength and laid the foundation for long-term cooperation in the future.

Recently, our company received a customer from Australia.In order to give visitors from far away a good experience of visiting, the head of our company has made a detailed and thoughtful plan for this, and strives to hope that customers can feel our sincerity. This will facilitate good trade between China and Australia, and achieve a win-win situation.

We “Care What You Care”,it’s not just talk.

A few days ago, our company signed an urgent order with Indian customers. With the unremitting efforts of all the factory staffs, we delivered the goods on time and received a good evaluation.

This order has many kinds and large quantities, including PVC double-head cutting saw, V-cutting saw and other PVC profiles equipment. And this order customer requests the fastest delivery, our company upholds the belief of customer first, perfectly meets the customer's requirements, and quality and quantity. Later, the customer email and said, "I'm glad to receive the goods in such a short time. Your company is a very good company and can continue to cooperate in the future."