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Machines sent to Senegal

Hello, everyone. Today, just after Christmas and approaching New Year’s day, I wish you all a happy New Year.

A few days ago, our company received an order from a customer in Senegal. It only took six days from confirmation of purchase to payment and delivery. It also includes the time for packing. This is our company’s fastest order, the fastest delivery. Another record for the fastest delivery.

The products ordered by the client include double copy, small end milling and a corner machine.

Simple machine, simple customer requirements. All are regular models, regular configuration. Before the customer decides to place an order, the customer also goes through many times to understand the product. The staff of our company has made positive and effective reply to every inquiry of the customer, which is the premise for the customer to make such a quick decision to place an order for payment.

The staff of our company pay the most sincere sincerity every time when facing customers, and treat every customer with the greatest sincerity, personally understand the needs of every customer, and try to meet all reasonable requirements of customers. This has always been the norm in my company.

We “Care What You Care”, and supply products and service beyond expectation.