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CNC2621 Integrated glass cutting machine

Air float glass tilting breakout table

Air float glass tilting breakout table

  1. This machine uses high pressure fan to provide air supply, forming air pads on the table, so that the glass floats on the table, reducing the resistance when the glass is transported, so that the glass is portable on the table.
  2. The equipment is a vertical desktop structure.
  3. It consists of a frame, an air floating table, a wind supply system, a flip system, and a fragment system.
  4. Advanced design, reasonable structure, clean appearance, easy to use, safe and reliable, excellent performance.
  5. The device can flip 0-90 degrees to facilitate up and down glass.

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Main structure:

  1. Specially used surface felt with strong hardness steel plate;
  2. Frame: Hydraulic device used for turning frame, stable and reliable lifting.
  3. The bracket is controlled by the user and the welding is firm and smooth.
  4. The height of the table is 800mm;
  5. Table size L2400 * W2000mm;
  6.  Table top flip angle 0 ~ 90 °C;
  7.  Piece rod: 3
  8.  Voltage: 3 phases, 380V, 50HZ (or customized)
  9. Total power: 3KW
  10. Shape size L2500 * W2000 * H800 ± 30mm;
  11. Weight: 900 KGS

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