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Aluminm Window Metal Bending Machine
Aluminm Window Metal Bending Machine
CNC Automatic Steel Pipe Bending Machine
CNC Automatic Steel Pipe Bending Machine

CNC Automatic Hydraulic Steel Bending Machine For Aluminum Window Door


Product Description

The machine is mainly used for bending for metal material such as iron, copper and aluminum and special shaped material. It’s ideal equipment of curved process for furniture manufactures, wrought iron engineering manufacturers, aluminum alloy doors and windows manufaturers, aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers, decorative steel structure enterprise..It adopts automatic CNC systems and can satisfy all kinds of profile on bending the arc and curvilinear connection. Four-axis positioning system was pioneered in China to form a closed space in the deformed area to minimize the distortion of profiles.

The machine is mainly used for bending for broken bridge aluminum, all kind of special aluminum profile, rectangular steel processing operations such as the curved arc can be bent in various shape (C shape, U shape, S shape, the whole circle oval, combination of multiple radius-shaped, etc.)
It is decoration enterprises, aluminum curtain walls and windows business process cured arc processing equipment


Power supply380V 50Hz
Input power5.8Kw
Hydraulic stress20T
Positioning accuracy0.01mm
Three shaft speed1-14r/min
Axial spacing350-650mm
Min. bend radiusR=80mm
Spindle diameter65mm
Machine sizeL*W*H=1700*1100*1300mm


Main Features


  1. It adopts special device to protect the profiles and avoid re-processing. It’s ideal machine for processing the high quality Aluminum alloy door and window.
  2. It is equipped with three drive rollers,three drive rollers are controlled by CNC, smooth movement and accurate positioning. According to customer requirement, the postion of wheel can be adjusted, the two roller position can be adjusted to different span.
  3. Distance between three drive rollers can be adjusted as your requirement.
  4. It can bend one radius arc (ordinary “C”-shape arc ) , also can bend two radius arc (“U” –shape arc), and also three radius arc ( bread arcs and ellipses) ; Both planar circular and vertical surface can be bent.
  5. Function of resilience calculation and compensation. For the same radius arc, it can automatically calculate the amount of resilience. Thus, it saved a lot of profile and time when bend different profiles.
  6. It can store a certain amount of program (depending on memory space), and enter as much information as in the program in order to easily identify it next time.
  7. It fully solves the problems of inaccurate bending, deformation, surface scratch and crumple,etc. with our CNC software, it can realize high precision and nice appearance with easy operation. By adopting special device, it can protect the profiles from deformation and surface scratch.
  8. With integrated PLC system, this machine can realize simple operation with the functions of automatic detection and diagnosis and the features of high circuit stability, wide applicability of operating environment


Product detail