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Aluminum Spacer BendingGlass Machine
CNC Integrated glass cutting machine is composed functions of glass loading, cutting and breakout, but integrated all functions in one machine.
CNC Glass Cutting Machine

IGU Insulating Glass Production

IGU Insulating Glass Production Product paeameter

The machine is used for desiccant filling into aluminum spacer, so as to absorb moisture in insulating glass sheet.
Parameters of Care Desiccant filling machine
Power supply220V 50Hz (or customized)
Total power0.5KW
Working parametersAluminum spacer width5.5-26.5mm
Filling speed5-10sec/pcs
Air pressure0.5-0.8MPa
Max filling size2000x2000mm
DimensionL×W×H (mm)1050×1000×4000

Product detail

Products Features

1.PLC control system
2.Both bended and corner-connected spacers are available
3.Adjustable filling height according to the spacer size
4.Automatic feeding material and plugging the drilled hole
5.Preset function for the filling speed

Product flow

Product application

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