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Pneumatic Cantilever Type Machine

Product Description

The glass lifter is used for handling and transferring various kinds of glass, and widely used in glass deep processing industry. The lifter is composed of cantilever and handling arm, both part could be customized.

Product Details

Products Features

1.Suitable for moving insulating glass /tempered glass/glass curtain wall.
2.Pneumatic glass arm is used to load and unload heavy and hot glass easily. It is easy to carry and very safe and save many labor cost.
3.It features better stability, much safer and more convenient to operate.
4.It could be used in the laminated glass production line, insulating glass production line, mirror glass production line, glass cutting and edging production line and so on.
5.With vacuum pressure charging system, equipment can ensure the whole vacuum system within a relatively constant safe pressure value during transition.

Product Application