Four head seamless welding machine for pvc win-door
Four Head Door And Window Processing Upvc Welding Machine
High Efficiency Arch Bending Machine
High Efficiency Arch Bending Machine

Triple Head Pvc Window Welder

Triple Head Pvc Window Welder

  1. Parameters can be set to meet various profiles' processing requirements.
  2. High welding precision.
  3.  PLC controls the welding action program, high reliability.
  4. Machine heads can work separately or jointly.
  5. Free angle welding of two right machine head.
  6. Imported PLC and other main electric components.
  7. One of the heads can weld various angles, which can meet the customers need of welding an arc and other special-shaped windows. Good welding corner appearance.

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Parameters of Care PVC welding machine
Optionstriple head
Power supply380V 50Hz 3P
Total power3.5KW
Air pressure0.5-0.8MPa
Welding scale (WxHxL)120x120x3500mm
Dimension L×W×H4300x900x1650mm

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