4 Corner UPVC Welding Machine for UPVC Window Making Machine
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UPVC Window Seamless Welding Machine For UPVC Window Making Machine

UPVC Window Seamless Welding Machine For UPVC Window Making Machine

  1. Special designed for welding color PVC profile, no need corner clearance after welding.
  2. Adopt programmable logic controller (PLC) ensures the machine running more stable and reliable.
  3. Double pressing function ensures higher welding strength.
  4. The pressure of front and back clamper is adjusted separately, so as to improve the planeness of the welding corner
  5. The heads are operated individually, together.
  6. No. 2,3,4 head can move horizontally, so that realize various kinds of welding combination.
  7. The fourth head can be used for welding variable angle with the special mold and the angle range from 30°~180°.

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Product parameter

It is a special machine for welding PVC/UPVC/Plastic /Vinyl doors and windows. It can weld and the combination, programming control and pneumatic driving system are used to achieve the high reliability, easy operation and large processing range, The 4 heads can work individually, simultaneously or combinative.
power 4.5kw
Air pressure0.5-0.8MPa
Welding profileH20-120mm, W0-120mm
Welding length400-4500mm

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