Copy Routing Machine

Double axis copy routing machine

Double head profiling milling machine, using two positioning methods, compact structure and small volume. After decades of testing, the product quality is high, and the product has passed CE certification.

Double axis copy routing machine Introduction:

Aluminum profile copy-routing milling machine is special designed for processing of water slot, pulley hole, hardware hole on aluminum and PVC profile. It can mill various holes by changing different copy board.

Double axis copy routing machine Parameters:

Air pressure0.6-0.8MPa
Air consumption20L/min
Rotation rate12000r/min
Profile size120x100mm(WxH)
Miller sizeφ5 φ8
Milling range100x300mm

Double axis copy routing machine Main Features:

  1. Used for copy-routing processing various kinds of holes,grooves and water-slots aluminum windows and doors.
  2. It has features of compact structure and small volume, the air pressure drives the clamping.
  3. Simple model adjustment and replacement, wide adaptation,high efficiency.
  4. It cam achieve continuous copy-routing milling,easy operation and safety.

Double axis copy routing machine Details:

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Machine function introduction and quotation reply within 24hours;

Facility configuration solution reply within 48hours;

Industrial design or workshop layout design reply within 3 working days;

Customization feasibility reply within 3 working days;

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1What is the applicable voltage of the product? Can other voltages be used?
The conventional configuration uses 380V and 50Hz voltage. If other voltages are needed, it can be customized according to the requirements.
2What to do if you want to machine holes with special shapes?
We can be customized according to your processing requirements and drawings to meet your requirements for machining special shaped holes.
3Can it be transported by air? What is the size and weight of the machine?
In order to avoid collision when the machine is delivered, it needs to be packed in wooden cases, with a volume of 2.3 cubic meters and a weight of about 250 kg. Therefore, air transportation is not recommended. In case of urgent use, the general configuration has stock in stock. We can deliver the goods within one week after payment.
4How long is the warranty period of cutting saw?
The warranty period is 1 year.
5Is overseas support provided? Can it be installed on site? Are there any overseas offices? What to do when the machine needs maintenance?
We provide video and network support. The machine will be installed and delivered. It can be connected to electricity when using. The machine is easy to operate. If necessary, we can record video demonstration. We have not set up any overseas office. Engineers can go overseas for maintenance if necessary.