Corner Crimping Machine

Aluminum window corner crimping machine

Single head corner crimping machine is used for punching and riveting connection of heat insulation profile frame material, doors and windows and curtain wall materials. After decades of testing, the product quality is high, and the product has passed CE certification.

Corner crimping machine Introduction:

The corner combining machine is used for 90° fabricating of aluminum window. Adopt new mechanical linkage device, realize complete synchronous corner combining. Up and down adjustable locating device, suitable for various section and sized profile. Left and right punching heads adopt hardness synchronous feeding device, avoid deformation and make sure firm connection.

Corner crimping machine Parameters:

Air pressure0.5-0.8MPa
Air consumption20L/min
Profile crimping heightMax.120mm
Profile crimping widthMax. 90mm
Hydraulic pressure15MPa
Capability of oil box20L
Crimping accuracy≤0.15mm

Corner crimping machine Main Features:

  1. Aluminum Window and Door Corner Forming Machine is Used for aluminum frame and sash corner crimping, especially for the high-quality profile, such as thermal bridging profile.
  2. Hydraulic system driving, ensure a stable working.
  3. Synchronous feeding of the level (left and right side) pushing knives by link with one hydraulic cylinder driving, which avoid the corner deform and enhance the corner connection efficiently. 
  4. Convenient operation and less error in processing.
  5. Distance of tool knife adjustable, as the screw thread connection, easy working for tools
  6. The left and right punches are rigidly synchronized feeding to avoid the useless deformation in the process of angle combination, and make the connection of window corners more firm.
  7. Synchronous feed mechanism makes the adjustment of the machine simple.
  8. It can be equipped with single knife and multi-point angle combination cutter, which makes the angle combination of thermal insulation broken bridge aluminum doors and windows more reliable.
  9. Pneumatic pressure material, hydraulic angle group, foot control, make the operation more simple and flexible.

Corner crimping machine Detalils:

Pneumatic pressure material
Pneumatic pressure material, hydraulic angle group, foot control, make the operation more simple and flexible.
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corner crimping machine
It can make the angle combination of aluminum doors and windows of thermally insulated broken bridges more reliable.
Synchronous feed mechanism
Synchronous feed mechanism makes the adjustment of the machine simple.

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1What is the movement stroke of angle cylinder?
2Can it be located?
This is a synchronous angle machine. We have an automatic lifting type internal positioning device, which can move up and down, which is convenient for taking materials. The internal angle positioning device adopts the up-down and back-to-back adjustable positioning device, which is suitable for processing profiles with different cross-section shapes and sizes.
3What is the applicable voltage of the product? Can other voltages be used?
The conventional configuration uses 380V and 50Hz voltage. If other voltages are needed, it can be customized according to the requirements.
4How long is the warranty period of cutting saw?
The warranty period is 1 year.
5Is overseas support provided? Can it be installed on site? Are there any overseas offices? What to do when the machine needs maintenance?
We provide video and network support. The machine will be installed and delivered. It can be connected to electricity when using. The machine is easy to operate. If necessary, we can record video demonstration. We have not set up any overseas office. Engineers can go overseas for maintenance if necessary.