Adjustable Manual Vacuum Glass Lifter

Vacuum Glass Lifter Introduction:

Adjustable manual vacuum lifter is a glass handling equipment with flexible structure and simple operation. It is able to assemble in various ways in accordance with demand. By changing position of suckers can realize absorbing glass with different shapes and dimensions. All functions can be done by hand, dispensed with electricity, safe and reliable. It is one of the most commonly used equipment for curtain wall installation and glass deep processing enterprises.
Electrical parts: Schneider; Vacuum pump: Thomas; Pressure control: SMC;

Vacuum Glass Lifter Parameters:

Parameters of Care glass vacuum lifter
Rated load400kg600kg800kg
Sucker diameter250mm250mm250mm
Sucker qty468
Vertical rotation0°-90°0°-90°0°-90°
Horizontal rotation360°360°360°
ChargerAC 220VAC 220VAC 220V
Power12V battery12V battery12V battery
Note: various lifting capacity and power supply available.

Vacuum Glass Lifter Functions:

  1. Flexible structure and simple operation.
  2. It can be assembled in various ways as required. Different shapes and sizes of glass can be absorbed by changing the position of suction cup.
  3. All functions can be completed manually, saving power, safe and reliable.

Vacuum Glass Lifter Detail Drawing:

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1Is the maximum load-bearing capacity only 500 kg? What about heavier glass?
The four suction cups can only bear less than 500kg glass. We have eight suction cups, which can bear 800kg. There are other vacuum suction cranes, which can bear 1000kg.
2Is it used for other profile handling?
The suction crane can be used to transport most of the profiles, including metal, etc. It can only be used to transport all kinds of plate-shaped profiles, and it is flat.
3What is the applicable voltage of the product? Can other voltages be used?
The conventional configuration uses 380V and 50Hz voltage. If other voltages are needed, it can be customized according to the requirements.
4How long is the warranty period of cutting saw?
The warranty period is 1 year.
5Is overseas support provided? Can it be installed on site? Are there any overseas offices? What to do when the machine needs maintenance?
We provide video and network support. The machine will be installed and delivered. It can be connected to electricity when using. The machine is easy to operate. If necessary, we can record video demonstration. We have not set up any overseas office. Engineers can go overseas for maintenance if necessary.