Insulating Glass Machine

Introduction of Insulating Glass Machine

Insulating Glass Machine is the standard equipment for the production of insulating glass. It consists of a high-speed glass washing machine and an automatic glass assembly machine. 
There are other machines to choose from, such as glass cutting machine, glass polishing machine, glass elevator, automatic sealant machine, spacer bending machine, sealant applicator, air filling machine, etc.

Function and Advantage of Insulating Glass Production Line

Our engineers will help you design and select the appropriate equipment according to your actual requirements.

  1. European design concept, easy to operate and smart.
  2. The key components of world-famous brands ensure stable operation and long service life.
  3. Large-scale glass processing scale, various models, and customization are available.
  4. Large output, 1000 pieces can be produced in one working day.
  5. It can process double-layer, triple-layer, stepped, and special-shaped hollow glass.
  6. Argon is automatically filled during the glass plate assembly process.
  7. PLC control system, touch screen operation.

Technical Parameters of Insulated Glass Machinery

Model CAIG1825CAIG2030CAIG2535
Power supply380V 50Hz 3P (or customized)
Total power 18KW22KW27KW
Process glass scaleMax glass sheet1800x2500mm2000x3000mm2500×3500mm
Min glass sheet300×450mm
Original glass thickness3~18mm
IG glass sheet thickness12-48mm
Insulation thickness6-24mm
Working speedWashing speed0-12m/min
Assemble speed8-48m/min
DimensionL×W×H (mm)16000x2500x268019000x2500x288022000×2500×3380
Net weight6200kg7200kg8000kg
Note: various model with other processing scal customized available.

Product List of Insulating Glass Machine

How to start a new insulating glass production business? This may be very complicated, and there seems to be too much to do. However, it is not difficult after you read and follow the steps and suggestions below.

What is insulating glass? Let’s see what Wikipedia says below?

Insulating glass (IG), usually called double glazing (or double glazing, and more and more triple and quadruple glazing/glass), consists of two or more glass window panels, which are covered by a vacuum Or gas-filled spaces are spaced apart to reduce heat transfer in a part of the building envelope.

Insulating glass units (IGU) are made of glass with a thickness of 3 to 10 mm (1/8″ to 3/8″), which can be larger in special applications. Laminated glass or tempered glass can also be used as part of the structure. Most units use the same thickness of glass on two pieces of glass [Citation], but special applications, such as sound insulation or safety, may require multiple thicknesses of glass in the same unit.

It is now clear that insulating glass (insulating glass) is glass processed for doors, windows and buildings, so what are the necessary skills to start an insulating glass factory?

Before you start this business you need to know the following 7 questions
  1. Where can I buy an insulated glass manufacturing equipment?
  2. Which insulating glass machines are necessary?
  3. Which insulating glass machines are not needed?
  4. What are the consumables for insulated glass machinery?
  5. What is the production cost of insulating glass? The after-sales service and maintenance cost of the insulating glass machinery?
  6. The scale and production process of the insulating glass workshop.
  7. Production key points and insulating glass standards.

For the above 7 questions, you can contact our professional sales salesman ( and he will give a complete program outside. We wish you all the best in your business.

If you are engaged in glass machinery work, the hollow glass machine is an integral part of the glass production line. However, not everyone can do the production of these glass units. If you think such machines are more competitive in the glass industry, you can consider adding them to the list. But what is an insulating glass machine?

An insulating glass machine is a machine that makes glass a better sealant to keep air in or out. According to your needs, the glass manufacturing machines has four different forms: butyl extruder, hot press, cold press, strip conveyor, caster table, argon zone system, and some other equipment. You can also find a complete solution IG production line, in a comprehensive process, double or triple the insulating glass.

Creating this kind of glass requires a complete set of tools. These tools can take many forms, depending on what you need. In any case, being part of the flat glass industry usually means that you will encounter these glass manufacturing equipment at some point.