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How are window frames made

The formation of Windows has been revealed

Hello, guys. This week we find out how Windows are made. We saw how the window frames were made.
Look at these beautiful Windows, are you curious about how they were made? Today we look at how window frames and glass make up the Windows to be used. When we make the window frame, we have determined the size of the window, so we need to cut the appropriate glass according to the size, using the automatic glass cutting machine line, we can better achieve mechanical processing. Set the required size, place the glass, cut, through the next stage or transmission section of the cut glass transfer to the edge grinding machine, or can omit this step, directly to the door and window gluing machine, put the window frame and glass, automatically find the edge gluing. Seal the window frames and glass. Set aside to dry. So a window can be installed and used. Below is the full automatic glass cutting line and window gluing machine:
Glass cutting line
Glue sealing machine
In fact, some other processes are needed during the process of making Windows, such as glass handling, window frame assembly and so on. Glass handling will use a variety of handling tools, such as suction crane. We also introduced the type of suction crane before. I'll mention two briefly here. One is fixed column cantilever suction crane, can be placed on both ends of the production line, used to carry the glass is the best. Another is a manual handling tool, and the principle of the suction crane is the same, but a little smaller, only suitable for handling small glass. See the diagram below for details.
Column cantilever suction crane
Manual glass handling tools
And the window frame assembly is another processing line, the need is a set of processing equipment. We'll talk about that next time. How the Windows were made, that's it, guys, see you next week.